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Hey there, entrepreneur! You probably already know that changing up your brand's mood all the time is not a good look. If you want to build a memorable, recognizable, and trustworthy business, it all starts with showcasing a cohesive brand.

Let us introduce you to your new sidekick: The Voice + Visual Brand Guide Canva Template.

This gem is all about keeping your brand game strong and consistent. No more wondering if your voice and visuals are hitting the right notes. Use this template as you set brand parameters, so you're never again staring at a blinking cursor or empty canvas, or worse- reaching for "flavor of the week" aka: whatever design trend is catching your eye right now.

Plus, for those times when you're outsourcing designs or content creation, this guide gives clear rules, ensuring everyone's speaking your brand language. From colors and fonts to the tone of your messaging, it's all in one place, making sure your brand's integrity stays intact.

Ready to rock that brand consistency like a pro? Snag the template now and take the guesswork out of brand brilliance!

What you get:

  • Instant access to our Voice + Visual Brand Guide Canva Template
  • A completely filled out example brand PDF for your reference
  • A How-To Tutorial video for filling out and getting the most out of your brand guide template

Brand Guide Canva Template

$99.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
  • Canva file

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